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I believe I've had enough users test this that I am comfortable posting the driver here for all.

The attached Zip file contains the latest version of the plugin. ENJOY ;D

if you have any questions or issues, feel free to pm me

moderators, if you believe I should post this under another section of the forum, please advise.

God bless you Bro, and thanks for your work !!!

Looks like a nice machine :)
Is the toolchange just a wine rack type setup or is it some other design?
I think maybe a macropump would be better than a brain for it but I suppose it depends how much you know about VB script.

Have you any ideea who can help me with a macro for ATC and multi drill head ?

Romanian / Re: Hai sa dam mina cu mina cei cu inima Romana !
« on: October 06, 2016, 08:35:19 AM »
Ma numesc emil - slvm pe forum
Am facut un retrofit pt un CNC Bulleri FPM 2813, cu servo motoare, controller CSMIO/A, sunt mutlumit pt ca am scapat de hegemonia OSAI/Italia ....
Masina merge multumitor dar ar mai fi de facut :
axa A, un macro pt  ATC-8 scule radial sau un retrofit ATC liniar, am ceva probleme cu viteza de lucru a motoarelor care se pare ca au pierdut pe drum cam 20%....Dar sunt multumit ca masina lucreaza si acum dispun de un Open system .

ok, got it.
I made one error on think it only at the time ....

Thank you Hood

-homing speed is lowered at 20% (think is to low), trip on X=2700 Y=1700
I will
-set accel.  to 0.2ms
-I will modify/made it longer the space between switches

Is the acceleration the same? - Unfortunate have no ideea what is the value of the acceleration on my old module....

My actual acceleration is now 0.4 ms.

Right.But I assigned also to csmio A+ A- and B+ B-

Index is not wired.
attach is the manual of Dam 60 (BUM 60) drive , I not detected wich is the index.

Thank you for the informations
I will check and test the wiring and/or new set-up on this week.
I wonder why the machine on old config (osai controller) run very fast on G0 (25 m/min) against limits and cross not over the home to trigg the -/+ switch ???
I try set-up on Motor Home/Lmits the slow -zone very large 20-30mm but the machine slowing not on home moving.
Perhaps you could look on my xml file to see what is wrong ....?

Are there home switches as well as limits? If not then I would say you would be better off with separate home switches.

Hi Hood
Long time not see you (r post)!
Home switches are present.
For better understand this matter see the switches pics on to the page 8 of my worklog.
Those are for Y-Axis but the X&Z have same principle .My problem is that 1 switch is responsible with  - and + and I think the soft can not discriminate wich is for - and wich is for +

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