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General Mach Discussion / soft limit system movement aborted
« on: November 25, 2018, 07:06:19 PM »
Mach 3 stopped mid cut and the only thing I noticed was the single Blk Alt N light was flashing (it could always have blinked and I never noticed it). I have full movement around the table just jogging it but when I load a file and try to run I get nothing . I tried several patterns I know that work Mach3 said it was jogging to starting point (which it didn't move) and then nothing. The message line said Softlimits System Movement Aborted. It had cut all but the last 2 inches of a busy pattern when it just stopped. Thanks for any ideas you can toss my way.

I would post an image but for some reason it keeps rejecting (not sure if they want px, in,) or what type of formatting for photos. I have just a live and common(black and white) wire to fire the torch. This is the largest power source I have had on it. The smaller boxes all fired with no problem that's what is so perplexing about it. I have 2 hand torches for the plasma cutter one is wired to hook to the table and one is just for hand use. I have swapped them out to see if it was the torch and both will fire fine as a hand torch and both will fire with a jump wire when wired for the table. It will also fire when I jump from the relay to the live wire when I have the box open.

It is a brand new relay 48v 30a SPST  with 4 terminals: one to the G540 output 1, one to the power supply, one to the GX16-3 for the torch wire and  one to the L (com). The air will blow when the relay triggers.  

I can hit M03 and the air comes out and M05 and it shuts it off but no fire. No fire on f5 either.

My torch stopped firing mid cut and I can't get it going again. I replaced the power supply, the relay, new estop new G540. I have tested all of the outside wires and the torch will fire manually but not by mach3. The relay kicks on and the torch blows air but it goes right back off and never arcs when I try run mach3. I have been running the table for years so none of my settings were changed since it was cutting then just stopped. All of my wires are connected correctly. I can even go in the box and jump wires and get it to fire but nothing when I try to run gcodes. I have it hooked to my miller and I even hooked up my hypertherm, both fired manually. I have search on various forums but have not seen the answer to this question. I had a proma hooked to my old box but I didn't hook it up to this one. I was not using it when the torch stopped so it is not that. Any suggestions?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Port 1 Pin Current State
« on: June 17, 2015, 08:02:08 PM »
no, I think when I get back from my trip I am just going to go ahead and wipe off everything and start from scratch with reloading. I talked with the guy at Mach3 and he suggested doing that since I had cloned all of the previous info from my old computer (which of course wasn't working correctly) Once I do that I will give a shout out if I get stuck. Thanks for everyone's input.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Port 1 Pin Current State
« on: June 12, 2015, 09:07:57 PM »
I tried epp and ecp and neither one will work, checked all wiring and connections. Can't link the two as the original is having issues where it keeps loosing height with every plunge of the torch (yet another issue to deal with)

General Mach Discussion / Re: Port 1 Pin Current State
« on: June 12, 2015, 08:47:52 AM »
All if my settings match exactly that's what is so frustrating, I have gone through screen by screen trying to figure this out.

General Mach Discussion / Port 1 Pin Current State
« on: June 11, 2015, 05:31:51 PM »
I switched computers and cloned all info. Now I can not get my torch to move (it feels like it wants to). When comparing to old to the new diagnostic page the 4th Led light from the left under Port 1 Pin current state is on in the new computer but off in the old computer. I need to figure out how to get that light off. Any ideas. They said at the help desk it is a programing thing and doesn't effect anything but it does. Any help would be great.

FAQs / Can't get plasma torch to move
« on: June 06, 2015, 10:01:58 AM »
I had to replace mu computer and now I can not get my torch to move. Did the DMI up down test but got nothing. The machine is engaged and the screen says it is moving but got no physical movement. I have checked my device mgr. Tried both EPP and ECP, checked all wiring and still have nothing. I have attached the origianl xml that I used to get the machine to run. All suggestions are appriciated.

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