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Yeah, I had it in 120V as well as I checked the output voltage and it was 24V.  Drat, I guess I got ripped off.  Thanks.

I have a foam cutter which worked by slaving the two sides together at my school.  Sometime while I wasn't at school, it became broken.  I thought it was initially a power supply issue because all 4 fuses on the old board would instantly blow upon power up.  New power supply (Meanwell SE-200-24 (8.8A, 24V) didn't help.  So I got a new driver board to replace the old Mechatronics 4-axis bi-polar driver (no longer in production as far as I could tell).  Being cheap... I got a TB6560-4V3 (see attached manual).  I have everything hooked up in what appear to be the correct places and seem to have Mach3 hooked up correctly as well.  The lights on the board indicating a signal light up for all axis for both g-code and jogging.  In addition, the 12V and 5V lights are active.  The only light not on is the "RLY" which I think was for a spindle relay that I don't have on a foam cutter.  The trick here is that none of the steppers consistently work.  Just jogging it, probably once in every 50+ attempts a stepper will turn.  But it won't turn for more than a couple revs (but while it is turning it is smooth). Usually if it works for a one press it will also work the next couple presses.  All of the steppers (Oriental PK266-02A, 2A steppers) behave like this (both the 4 on the machine and a spare I had).  I have tried numerous combinations of different stepper speeds/steps/current/current decay settings as well as trying the board with only a single stepper in case there wasn't enough power available. 

I know that my computer is working properly as well as Mach 3 because the same system works perfectly with a small 3-axis mill.  I am really at a loss as to what could be wrong.  I have checked all the connections, nothing seems burnt or sparking, wiggling wires didn't seem to effect anything.  Could it just be a bad board or am I missing something?



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