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Hi Everyone,
I am Ganesh from India.I run a machine shop with about 30 CNC machines producing parts for auto industry.
I have an Electrical engineering degree and worked for a few years in machine maintenance and retrofitting before starting this shop.
My intention for joining this site is to provide affordable machining solutions to small scale industries (including myself).
The idea is to convert mechanically good machines and make them usable by retrofitting.
A few machines in my shop have been retrofitted with CNC package from the big giants.The problem is the initial cost and also the need to throw a whole lot of drives and motors which have life left in them.
I am a novice when it comes to Mach and will greatly appreciate if somebody can recommend the way to go forward in learning from scratch.
The immediate need is to retrofit a cylindrical grinder for a simple plunge cycle on three different diameters.Presently we are doing this on three different machines which are hydraulically operated.

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