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i was wondering how you solved the motor spindle connection to activate it with mach3
or did you left it unused and activate it manual?

hi, i am not using the spindle on mach3, rather manually.
paul nilanjan

and here is the link to the machine test video
Paul Nilanjan

Here is the machine as of today. Finished installing everything except the limit switches!
paul nilanjan

Thanks Hood for suggesting not to go for the TB drives.
Here is what I bought instead, simply because they are easily available from a manufacturer here in India.
1. Rhino controls 3-axis BOB x1off
2. Rhino controls stepper driver X 3off
3. NEMA23 1.9Nm, 2.8A bipolar 4 wire stepper motors X3off
4. 24v 10A PSU x1off
5. Estop switch X 1off
6. micro limit switches X6off
7. lovejoy couplers X3off

And here is the link to the first test setup on Mach3 running on win7

More as I move ahead..

Paul Nilanjan

General Mach Discussion / converting the Proxxon Micro Miller MF70 to CNC
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:06:32 PM »
Hello Everyone,
I am a complete newbie to CNC
Recently having purchased a Proxxon Micro Miller MF70 want to convert it to 3-axis CNC.

It would be of great help if anyone could guide me in the right direction as to what to procure in order to accomplish the CNC conversion.

Here is what I plan to buy:

1 x 24V/10A switching power supply
3 x 1 Axis TB6560  stepper motor driver
3 x 57HS76  3A 270 oz/in  stepper motor
1 x 5 axis Mach3 compatible breakout board
1 x DB25 parallel cable
1 x USB cable
3 x signal cables
3 X NEMA23 stepper motor mounting brackets
6 X limit switches
1 X E stop switch
3 X suitable flexible couplers
1 X Mach3 USB handwheel manual controller

Thanks in advance

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