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thanks shaun the early version you have installed for me is far more consistent on the feed rates than the newer version and it does not run amock on the g0 codes and upset me steppers,  runs fine on 25000khz, the newer version certainly does not suit my computer,

well that explains the speed on moves under the g0 code, my feed rate is about right now on 35khz as well,

on 35khz its about right, with in 1%, thanks,

frequency is 27896 when not running and when running machine code between 27800 and 28000, time in int is 2.7 to 3.5 when not running, when runing code between 2.1 and 7.8, thanks,

thanks, over speeds on all moves,

i have a problem with the feed rates in mach3 in that they run faster than they should, if i have a feed rate of 600mm per min, g1 f600, the programe screen will show a feed rate setting of 600 but the actual speed it will show that its  runing at is about   11% faster 660, also under a g0 code between cutting moves it will run aprox one third faster than the volocity set in the motor tunning, eg, with a setting of 1000 mm per min  it will run in excess of 1300, i compensate for this by slower settings in the motor tuning and slower feedrates in my programes so as to end up with the speed i want, does any one no the problem, shaun wainford  had a look at it running and looked at my setting and described it as bizare,

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