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hi Hood,

you the man!
it is running smooth now.

I wonder what 'Tangential Control' is. Will read about this feature tonight with happy face.

Thanks a lot!

(this thread considered close from know-on)

hi Hood,

I am glad you are stopping by.

here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_mMO8OCd4o&feature=youtu.be
and here I attached the code I was running.

fyi, the video is using a relatively new PC... which should be powerful enough in term of processor, memory and video card. I haven't put the license file as I want to compare if the 'demo' and the 'license' would make a different, and the answer is no.
I noticed this powerful enough PC's motherboard doesn't have parallel port.

additional info: I am using VC mode and disable backlash.

if you noticed on the video, there were few times the feedrate showing a very slow speed but then something goes very high speed (frame 1:42), which I just noticed when I watch this video.

please let me know any other (the right) question to inform you the detail.


please help...
anyone? nobody?

Correction: my bad, the pause/idle for couple seconds happen on every next gcode line, not just specific G2 or G3, but any next line.

can anyone help? maybe a hint?

Hi all,
a newbie here: just finish my first cnc router... happy, but...  :(
I can jog (manual) with no issue. but then when I run a simple gcode, I found this idle issue. I noticed the cnc idle for couple seconds when running the G2 or G3 code.
I did search in google but no luck for the clue/answer.

my cnc router configuration is: PC (WinXP) -> Mach3 -> Ethernet SmoothStepper (ESS) -> Gecko G540 (-> Super PID for Bosch spindle).
I run Mach3 and toolpath in Metric unit.

Mach3 latest version.
I am using ESS_v10p1d1g.m3p for the Ethernet SmoothStepper plugin since this is the one that could run slave homing (I am using 1 homing switch and 2 lead screws/stepper motors for Y stage).

Here I attached the xml I have and screenshoot on the Mach3 ESS general config and my PC's specs.

I really appreciate for any help or feedback.

thank you!

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