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Please help me to tell MAch3 that I want to confirgure Z as angular.
If not , How to link Z axis as A axis.

I am really in Trouble.

Thanks for good reply.
This has checked.

But Where we have setted that Z is Rotary/angular axis ?

I am using Mach3 Milling

I have my SPM Machine.
I have attached with Mach3.  X,Y,Z running perfectly.

I want configure Z as rotary/Angular axix.

Means If I write G0 G90  Z360  my Z axis machine motor will take one round.

I have setted gear ration like this that in Z360 my motor is running one round. Perfectly working.

But I want, after Z360, Z should be 0.

When I put command G0 G90 Z0, then my motor revers moving, then are coming on Zero.

What I want..... : If I put G0 G90 Z370, in Screen, it shold show +10. motor are moving, but screen is also showing 370. I need screen should show 10.

after 360 it should be 0 Zero.

How to do that, where to do it.....?

I am new in Mach3.

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