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General Mach Discussion / Re: Radius to end of arc differs from-
« on: July 19, 2018, 04:46:18 PM »
Thank you very much for your help with my problem. You hit the nail on the proverbially head with your suggestion, all is well. By the way, I’m also a licensed user of your screen set which I use exclusively.
Gerry Thank you once again for your help

General Mach Discussion / Radius to end of arc differs from-
« on: July 19, 2018, 01:51:42 PM »
I have used my home built CNC router for some time now free of any major problems or errors. However yesterday I was running a project that I created in Fusion 360, and when I loaded the G-code into my Mach3 software. I received an error informing me that the Radius to end of arc differs from- not able to read the remainder.
After repeatedly running the G-code of a simple circle and coming up with the same error, I now ran the model and g-Code through Cam Bam and yet I received the very same error. Am I correct assuming that the problem is in Mach 3 and if so any ideas on how to repair the problem.
Thank You for any help anyone can provide.

Howdy Folks:
My name is James Amato, but I much prefer Jim. I am an eighty year old semi-retired Design Engineer taking on small jobs for the attractions industries here in Central Florida. I’m an ardent rag sailor and in my younger days I made many long distance journeys. With those days only a memory I now satisfy that thirst by day sailing in the Indian River.
I am also into woodworking and just completed a full Kitchen remodel that took me 13 months to complete, in my spare time.
About four years ago I had heard about making a DIY CNC routers and decided to give it a shot. I built a 26 a 30 all aluminum gantry router, using Nema 23 motors. After going through a long Mach3 learning curve, I finally got the hand of it and started to produce some income with the machine. Like most things in life you simply never have enough and so early this year I designed and built a larger 50 x 65 open end Y axis unit. I have tested all the motors; limits and home switches and all work well. I am however not without problems. But the end is in sight.
Jim Amato

Video P*r*o*b*i*n*g / Re: touch probe plugin
« on: May 17, 2014, 04:01:59 PM »
I was wondering if anyone out there could help me.
My Mach3 machine runs well however when I set up the probe to pin 3 port 2 of my ESS C25 Smoothstepper board, when grounding the (wire shielded)to the machine frame the digitizer led flashes on and off in the diagnostics screen. I would assume that this tells me that I have continuity between my probe input and ground. Should this led not stay on as long as the probe is grounded?
I have also installed the Big-Tek Big Blue Probing screen. In the blue screen when I probe the Z axis, the z axis move but does not stop when contact is made with the probe, although the screen probe led flashes on and off.
I have also tried a G31 X 5.0 move in the MDI screen and the axis moves and stops when I ground the probe wire, but the motor continues to vibrates like it’s not completely shut down. Any suggestion?

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