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General Mach Discussion / Why Not The Same
« on: July 10, 2016, 01:44:33 PM »
  ??? Hi everyone. Newbie to cnc.  When I run the same program twice, the system takes different cnc patterns.  That would be ok except they didn't exactly match. In effect I ended up with two sets of parts when there was suppose to be one.  Sometimes the program would start in the left corner...when running the second time... the next pattern go to the right corner. Any suggestions? 

F/UP = Follow up and yes but I would like to prove it by running the G-Code roadrunner.  The keyboard says I am moving x=y coordinates but nothing from the cnc table.  I am certain
the problem exists with rs-232 UC-100 motion controller connection.  Can't seem to install the drivers off the installation program. The installation starts then stops about half way through. 
I have tried several (8) times. Cleaned off the Hard drive and down loaded installation software and it still only goes about half way and freezes up loading  Any suggestions?  Thanks -- S

THANKS FOR THE F/UP!!!!! :-\ I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET MY MOTORS GOING WITH MACH3 SOFTWARE.  I BOUGHT A "CABLE PACKAGE"  W/DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE.  Still would not run.  I thought I might have a HWD issue. So I took the system in and learned some things......One (1) too powerful computer for Mach3 and controller cable.  My computer is more for graghics/games @ 10 MHz w/Hi resolution Monitor.  Mach3 works but strange things happen... Mach3 is starting to remind me of a 8-bit software I used to sell back in the 70's-90's.  When you change one area in the software or hardware you don't know what else is affected.  Ghosts start appearing.  The cable software is not Win 10 compatible yet...   Also, I think I might be better off with Mach4 solution.  It seems more Windows based.   But right now I just want to get what I have up and running.  I pretty sure Mach3 is working but the connection between computer and controller is the problem. My controller is a JP-3163b w/4 axis. Has anyone else had this problem with China CNC's?  ;DThanks Again!! --S

 :) Hello, My name is Stuart and trying to get started in CNC.  Bought a SXCNC 6040 (China??) setup and missing manual(s) for setting up the pin setting on the serial cable and MACH3.  ??? Does anyone have a SXCNC Manual?  Is there one?  Can I get one?  Does anyone know or can make a suggestion for these settings?  Please help.  ;D THANKS for considering. --S

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