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Yeppi!!!!   it was still in demo mode but got the license downloaded in so that's all good. But that was not the only trouble there was in "motor outputs" the Dir low active & Step low active WERE not checked as per mach3 set-up video. now the motors run great and I can finish the set-up. thanks Keith

I just notice it says "mach3 demo" at the very very top of the page. then I clicked on the help tab and it came up on a license window but I could not enter anything into it and it also says demo. I emailing mach support for help.    thanks keith

just got my machine ready to test but can't get any of the motors to move they seem to go to a hold steady.  It's acting like it may still be in a demo mode. when I bought my license and got the download I opened the file in mach3 but it never asked for any purchase verifacation but I did see it knows my name now, how can you tell real working mach3 from demo?   thanks Keith

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