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Yes, you are right.

I want to input moves in X an Y coordinates. Then Mach3 must transform them to movements of X and C axis.

Can Mach3 handle these kind of transformations?

I want to be able to input the coordinates (and shapes) in XY coordinates.

Will Mach3 be able to transform the XY coordinates to proper X-C movement of axes?


Is it possible to use Mach3 to create cutting / sawing machine similar as on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnap1utiJdo

The machine has fiexd wire saw (toolpoint is fixed) and two axes:
- X axis for horizontal movement
- C axis for rotary movement

The center of C axis and the tool point are aligned on X axis.

Can Mach3 handle this kind of axis configuration?

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