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I have megnetic switches in -X -Y and +Z, is there an auto homing function to use these? That's hat my previous package did.

I found it, there seemed to be an issue as there where zero Z was.. Even though I had set the zero points by clicking Zero X Zero Y Zero Z I needed to click REF ALL HOME for it to look right.. I don't quite understand why that is exactly but it's milling now and that's really all the matters! :)

Thanks for all your help though, no doubt I'll back on here when I try to get all that 3D printing stuff bolted to it next week.

so, just to clarify...

The top image is of the CNC machine install of Mach3 where it has this drop clearly visible on the 3D tool path window.

The bottom image is my design PC running the same version of Mach3 but the tool path is how would expect to see it, it starts a zero and goes up to Z10 before cutting.

There is something wrong with the setup on the version on the CNC PC and I don't know how to correct it.

This is all happening before the Z10, it's in the G commands it's doing it. Seems to run right on the win 7 installl but the XP install has this initial drop, both running the same G-Code..

I can only assume that there is a setting in Mach 3 that I have checked as I have only just installed the version in win7 so it's as it comes.  Any ideas?

Ok, so this is very strange!

I have just installed Mach3 on my windows 7 Design PC so I don't have to keep going back and forth and guess what, it's ok on this version... Same code, look at the difference.

Zero should be top left and always has been... Surely Z10. is up and Z-1.0 is down? It's cutting fine and the work is t right way up it just seems to go down on Z0

I'm not sure that is it, have you tried loading it?

Hi Hood,

Yes, that makes sense now. It's actually going where it should although that is actually the wrong way... I will need to change it from Z10 to Z-10 in Solidcam and see if that does it...


General Mach Discussion / Moving to lower Z point directly after start
« on: January 15, 2014, 10:22:55 AM »

I purchased Mach 3 yesterday having re-built my CNC machine and upgrading all the controllers, of course my old software was no good as it was tailored to the old hardware..

I have just tried to do some milling and the strangest thing is happening, Mach3 starts from zero but then drops in the Z axis before cutting. This is of course ruining my piece because it's milling right through it..

Does anyone know what is going on? The code is coming straight from Solidcam and I had no problems before, here is the initial G-Code.


( MCV-OP ) (15-JAN-2014)
(SUBROUTINES: O2 .. O0)         
G90 G17
G80 G49 G40
G91 G28 Z0
N1 M6 T1
(TOOL -1- MILL DIA 2.0 R0. MM )
G90 G00 G40 G54
G43 H1 D31 G0 X24.984 Y9.94 Z10. S1000 M3
   X24.984 Y9.94 Z10.
G1 Z-1. F33
   X29.784 F99.999
G0 Z10.

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