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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 working with Newport XPS?
« on: December 30, 2013, 04:36:58 PM »
Has anyone ever tried to use a Newport XPS with Mach3?
I doubt there is a plugin for this controller but maybe someone has got some experience with this controller.
I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me if this could or would work together.

FAQs / Re: Help needed with M6 tool change
« on: December 13, 2013, 08:20:13 PM »
Yes, safez is -5.
When the m6 command is called and the spindle stops I initiate an automatic tool measurement.
Most of the time the spindle goes upwards, but sometimes it also moves down...

FAQs / Re: Help needed with M6 tool change
« on: December 13, 2013, 07:04:13 PM »
this is the code:
Code: [Select]
x = GetToolChangeStart( 0 )
y = GetToolChangeStart( 1 )
z = GetToolChangeStart( 2 )
a = GetToolChangeStart( 3 )
b = GetToolChangeStart( 4 )
c = GetToolChangeStart( 5 )
if(IsSafeZ() = 1) Then
   SafeZ = GetSafeZ()
   if  SafeZ  > z then StraightTraverse x, y,SafeZ, a, b, c
      StraightFeed  x, y,  z  , a, b, c
Code"G00 X" & x & "Y" & y
end if

FAQs / Help needed with M6 tool change
« on: December 13, 2013, 05:49:45 PM »

I'm trying to run this code:
Code: [Select]
G21 G15 G17 G21 G40 G49 G50 G80 G90 G90.1 M48
G53 G0 Z-5
G0 X0 Y0
M6 T19
G43 H19
M03 S2000
G00 Z2.0000
X80.7394 Y51.6508
G01 Z-35.1857  F320.0
Z-36.1857  F350.0
G00 Z2.0000
G53 G0 Z-5
M6 T15
G43 H15
G53 G0 Z-5
G0 X87.9601 Y62.9393
G0 Z2.0000
M03 S2700
X91.0000 Y66.0000
G01 Z-42.0000  F530.0
G00 Z2.0000
G53 G0 Z-5
M5 M9 G49

When the M6 T19 command is reached the spindle stops and waits for a cycle start. After I hit start again the Z axis starts moving immediately even before the next command line is executed (which is G43 H19).
I've already crashed because of this and have no clue why mach3 is doing so. I attached my settings file. Please help me.

Hello Machcommunity,

I'm starting to learn how to configure Mach3 for my CNC correctly as I have severe problems with the tool change procedure but I need lot more learning material for the macro and vb programming.
I have noticed that there are 2 docs in the download area and I already watched the beginners videos on macro programming, but these are no big help for me as a programming noob...
I need something a total beginner could understand (I dont even know what OEM Codes and what F Codes are and what the difference is... this is not very clear..)
Is there some more material available anywhere?

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