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the reason for using arduino is for the web interface and for put buttons on web interface( local host) imagine.. like 50 buttons numbered , a little css to make it cute and when I press in any button I will have another different sequences , then the axis will move differently everytime I click a number on the interface

DraftSight  is good, because i draw and take and convert to g code and then comes the part that I am interested.
and that is having the g-code now and integrating with arduino code , can I do that? that's all I want.

Yes, I know I can write all the code on arduino maybe , but if i have like we were talking about , like 50 3 axis sequences meaning there will be 50 separated files containing different axis movements on each file. maybe it's faster if it  can be done..  

Hi! thank you John i didn't know all that !

But my idea is to give a set of coordinates to the axis with the program (mach3) using a picture maybe if it is not possible with the program itself ,then converting the g code and then copy and paste on the arduino sketch , only that

it was only an idea to cut time on writing all the code in the arduino , like if i'm going to make like 50 different sequences with 3 axis only linear motion (maybe it's the fastest way) and then linking them with localhost(i will be using ethernet shield or raspberry for this)

so i have to know is it possible?

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / using g-code outside of mach3
« on: December 10, 2013, 09:46:55 AM »
like the title says I want to make g code but custom G CODE , It is possible to do that with mach3? and how? I want to make custom g-code then export that to use with php

I wonder if I can make custom automated sequences of G code and then copy that code and use it without the program ( I only need to move back and forward 3 axis, or while I'm moving forward one axis I move the other back and so on) , I do not need cnc drilling or routing , I  Only need movement , so,is it possible to make ?
then I will be  putting that files of  g-code on the arduino memory and then execute that different sequences from local host?  I will do that with php or other server side client , but my principal question is if can I be able to make custom G-code with the program and then execute that without the program and with with php on local host with an web interface made by html and javascript.

I think i was very clear with what i want.

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