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 :)Thanks, that was the issue. Now I feel like an idiot, but I'll get over it. Don't have any idea how that got switched off and I never even imagined something so simple as that being the issue. Countless hrs trying to figure out what the problem was. The good thing that came from this is that I discovered this forum and the efforts that some will go to assist others. I will be posting some of my G codes to share with the group as I found there is a section for that.  Thanks Again Hood and Rich for your responses.

yes..  as follows x++ = 39 x-- =37  y++=38 Y--40  z++=33  z-- = 34

I currently have a problem with my mach 3.  I must have got the system out of config when I was trying to program three new stepper motors for a future project. I went back in to ports/pins and set it by basic set up as in the tutorial. I've tried about everything I can think of and can't get movement with the keyboard, I'm running a Stepperworld  FET 3 board. I'm thinking the pin config must be right because If I input a g-code and hit start the 3 axis run thru the program fine. It's just the issue I have no manual controls for jogging or setting z. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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