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Ok I will certainly run them at 1/8. It doesnt take but a minute or so to change. Thanks again.

OK.I got off of work early and had some time to check some things out. I have been running all  3 axes at full step because I felt that I needed the full torque because my table has 69-1/2 inch long Y axis lead screw and the X has a 47 inch long screw. I have been running at full step since I first put this together and everything that I have ran has been fine except when I had time to try some v-carving projects, It always would cut above the wood after a small amount of time. So, I changed the driver board for Z to half step and ran a small v-carve toolpath and it did not miss a step. Worked great. So next I ran a larger v-carve toolpath(33 mins) and once again it worked great. I should have checked this a long time ago but  99 percent of the stuff I ran was just profile toolpaths and they were always perfect. I feel so stupid. Humility is a great way to learn things. Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer their expertise and advice.

The bit hasnt moved in the collet. Ran the driver test and it said system excellent. Pulse frequency read 24999. Time in Int=4.4 to 4.9, it fluctuates some. CPU speed= 2793.0000. PWM base = 5

I will check all of this and get this information. I am at work now so it may be tommorow before I can get this checked out. Thanks.

40 on velocity and 4 on acceleration. I dropped them down to 10 vel and .5 on accelerate and everything in between.

I adjusted the accel. and velocity in the motor tuning and I still had the problem of the z cutting too deep. I then put all settings back to where they were originally and ran another test and then it goes back to cutting above the wood. I said ok I will meet in the middle on the settings(accelerate and velocity and the feed and plunge in the tool setup) to see if I can find a combonation that will work. So far nothing has worked. It either cuts deeper and deeper or it cuts above the wood. I am not sure what to do next. Everything works great except when the v-carve toolpath is used. I will not give up until I get the v-carve toolpaths working because that is why I bought it. When I get this solved I will share what the problem and solution is. Thank you very much for taking the time to offer you advice and suggestions.

Hi. I have been using mach3 with v-carve pro since July '13 and have been very happy with mach3 and vectric so far. I have a home built router with a cut area of 36" on the x axis and 48 " on the y axis and 5" inch travel on the z. I work on cnc's that range from the late 70's up to some new cnc machines. I still have many ideas and projects to try but like everyone else,,,, limited time.

Ok thanks.I will  adjust the velocity and acceleration in Mach 3. I think I might have tried this with my x and y axes but I have not adjusted the z axis  while testing a vcarve toolpath. Thanks for the information. I will post the results.

I  reduced the z axis feed rate on the v-carve tool setup page and then ran a test. Now the z axis cuts deeper instead of gaining height. It progressively cuts deeper as the program continues to run. I checked the  tool path in Mach 3 and the place it was cutting to deep definitely should not have been that deep. I  was v-carving an image  of the 40th anv. Mustang emblem and the program started with the a  and was working around to the  rest of the letters and I noticed  it was cutting deeper with each letter. I let it go  for a few minutes  and finally had to stop it because it was too deep to continue. Any advice or suggestions?

I will try that. I am about to do a test on cutting an arc with the x and z moving simultaneous just to verify correct movements then I will try the reduced feeds test on the vcarve toolpaths. I am like everyone else. My time is limited and I have to  do testing spaced out over several days. Thanks for the advice though.

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