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When I turn off the backlash compensation it runs smooth!

Are there any special considerations I need to take when using backlash comp?

Hello all. I'm having an issue with my new setup. I did some quick searching but couldn't find what's happening to me.

I have used LinuxCNC for a while and I'm now trying my hand with Mach3 and a AKZ250 USB controller. I followed the instructions on http://leafboy77.com/index.php/en/ for setup with Mach3.

Everything SEEMS to be working, but I have an odd motion problem that I've not seen using LinuxCNC. While moving in one direction and attempt to move perpendicular I get a motor stall! So imagine while holding down X+ dir then simultaneously pressing Y+ dir. The Y axis starts moving but the X axis stalls for the duration of the stepper motor deceleration. Very strand.  

For instance (button sequence) (X+), (X+)+(Y+), (Y+)+(X-), (X-)+(Y-), and so on.... On my LinuxCNC rig this will result in the head moving in rounded square movements. On my Mach3 machine it will stall if the previous axis needs to decelerate! Also, the rig will move fine if I press both X+ and Y+ at the same time moving in a diagonal direction. It only stalls If I press one direction after the other is already in motion. I recorded a small vid of the stall happening.

I assume that I have the motor specs setup right. However I also get stalled motion when using the feed rate override function that's included on the USB board as a feed rate adjust potentiometer. What am I doing wrong here?  

Zotac H67 mini-itx
(AKZ250) USB controller
KL-4042D DSP driver and NEMA 24 stepper (Y,Z) axis
KL-5056D DSP driver and NEMA 34 stepper (X) axis


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