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I wonder if anyone is successfully using a direct connected MPG encoder on the AKZ250 USB BOB from leafboy77? I have a known good encoder that I just cant get working on this PCB. The 0/1 inputs which supposedly allow direct connection to the MPG can be configured as general purpose inputs and function ok that way but with an MPG connected and configured  MACH just doesn't see it? The input LEDs on the board show the pulse streams but MACH doesn't respond. I seem to have it configured correctly but no luck. I have tried it on 2 versions of MACH on 2 different PC's with the same result. Its kinda one of the reasons I bought this board for easy hardwired MPG and now the frustration is building.

Appreciate comments from others actually using this board. I am an experienced builder and operator with multiple machines so no basic comments please unless you have actually configured and used this PCB.


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