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i buyed the Huanyang VFD + 1.5Kw Water cooled spindle ;

 I have configured the driver for the adapter and install the plugin that i found here http://royaumedeole.fr/informatique/...-huanyang-vfd/ connected with  usb cable RS485-USB to PC ;
infact when i open the Mach3 Version R3.043.066 the software confirm with a pop-up that "Configuration ok - spindle speed 3000 rpm at 50 Hrz" .
When i press F5 to start the spindle there is a click from the VFD and the estop of Mach3 starts flashing.

Huanyang VFD and 1.5Kw Water cooled spindle are OK ; infact if I leave in VFD Pid 001 and 002 to zero ( manual control ) the spindle strarts adn stops  withou problem

but if i set in VFD Pid 001 and 002 to two ( remote control with Mac3 ) the spindle don't start.

can someone hel me to solve the problem ?


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