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I unchecked the spindle speed averaging and it works without modifying the speed per pass which is good, still doesn't account for speed yet. I haven't adjusted the speed file however I will be changing the pulley on the motor, I have like a 12 inch pulley on it, I'm going to put a 4 inch on so I have more torque and speed response. It's very slow to speed up and down without tripping the drive... lol

Thanks tp and hood I'll try both and get back with ya guys ;)

Thanks hood I'll try that as well.

Thanks tp! That article would be great if we can find it ;)

Thanks I will try it

Good point, I'll u check the averaging,..

How would I change the speed file? Any examples?

Mmm very good point... so that solves the that.

So what about the threading g76 command and how for some reason it does each pass at different rpm?

Thanks hood, I'll check the voltage across the range from the output of the c23 board, I did check briefly and it was 10v at 6000rpm and 5v at 3000rpm...

The values from the motor tuning are 1000 for steps and 60 for velocity. I say go 6000 rpm, and I get 10v out of the card, 3000 rpm I get 5v, etc. So I believe it's linear coming out of the card.

I'll check again, and you may be right about the vfd....it may not be handling the voltage correctly.

However does the ess not account for true speed and actual speed...and correct for it? I find this hard to believe that it is not available.

Also I am using step and dir for the output in the ess configuration option. Would you think that getting a pwm to 0-10v card would help? However if the ess is not correcting for true spindle speed than I doubt it...

Thanks tp, would you happen to have a number for brian? I'd love to show everyone my work, I have been making lots of videos of my progress from the first thing I did to it.

Thanks hood, I would need 5o get the csmio ips then, I still have my threading module from the ipa, cuz the ipa has it built in..

I really would like to keep the ess and my setup. Perhaps going to mach4 would be ideal yet I just got the tool changer and all that to work, and from what I understand, programming is completely different in mach4 than mach3.

I posted a question on the warp 9 forum, same prob, but no responses yet.

What I will do is Uninstaller and delete everything, do a fresh install and copy over my macros and screen set with xml and see if that would help.

I will also check with my oscope but I am unsure as to where to test the pulses.

I could just make s chart from 100 rpm to 6000 rpm and make a curve graph to set my spindle speeds lol

Thanks rob, I just need something that is reliable lol, I have a csmio yet I have little work with it so I am unsure of its abilities. I hooked up the csmio and it runs the drives great, but other than that...haven't done much...

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