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Can I send a SH (Servo Here) or MO (Motor Off) Galil command from within Mach4? Ideally I'd like to assign it to a button or include it in an existing button script. Has anyone done this or can point me in the right direction? I'll reply back here with my experience.

Board is Galil DMC-2183
Software is Mach4 with the Galil plugin
drives are Baldor TSD DC Servo
motors are Baldor MK-2250 DC Servo


Ok, update... I got the Baldor DC Drives that go with the motors... so should be good there...   looking at the Galil DMC-21X3 Ethernet controller ...  they offer two daughter cards to split out the axis for D-Sub connections  ...  do I need  opto-isolated I/O ?    this DMC-21X3 seems to work good with Mach3 and does the servo analog control of the drives...

anything I should look out for?

General Mach Discussion / DC Servo Understanding / Help with Mach3
« on: July 19, 2013, 03:28:47 PM »
I want to use Mach3... If I have Baldor DC Servo drive for X & Y, TSD-050-05-2-U  running Baldor DC Servo Motors  BK-2250's  ....   I need help finding out how I connect these drives to a PC

To run Mach3...

1. do I need a breakout board... if so what can you recommend?
2. Do I basically have to go from PWM to Step/Dir ???  with a breakout board or something?  or is there a board that does PWM from Mach3...

People are telling me I lose "real CNC" or I am not doing "real CNC" with Mach3 and servo drives/servo motors cause the Mach3 and the controller just do Step/Dir ...  if it's equal then I guess I don't care... but am I just buying servo to convert it to step/dir...???

Brian ??? ??? ??? ???

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