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General Mach Discussion / Red Line on tool path screen
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:54:02 PM »
I'm new to the cnc world. I purchased a desktop CNC from Ebay along with Mach3 software.  Finally got it all set up to the point where I can control the movement manually. I purchased the add on option to the basic mach 3 as well. When I select a shape to CNC, enter my dimensions, post the g-code and return to the main screen.  My machine will move to the far right corner while cutting my material along the way, which isn't what I want.  I would like to have the machine start in the far corner right or left doesn't matter, cut then return home.  I need some serious help!

I am cutting .50 aluminum with a 0.125 end mill. I want to cut a simple 3x4 shape for practice. Thanks

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