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Many Thanks DickyBird and Hood. Option 2 it is then. "Stop spindle.Wait for cycle start."

Thats me sorted.

Ive only recently finished converting my lathe to CNC. In my spare time I make bearing extraction tools for KTM enduro bikes using machined sockets and bushes.
  www.morgans-tool.co.uk     It was a bit time consuming making then on a manual lathe, even with powered cross feed. Now I can make them a lot quicker with fewer mistakes. Just got to write the G code for each component, shouldn't be a problem as they are straight forward operations. Basic facing and turning with the odd little taper here and there. I Could use and edit the wizards but I do find they waste a lot of time and movement in the ammount of clearance they give.

Thanks again for the replies and help.

Regards Richard

Its all making sense now. Does mach 3 stop automatically when it encounters a tool change line such as "T0202" in a program, or would you have to add the "M00" command, then hit start cycle after the tool change is done.

Thanks Richard

All sorted now. By inputting "T0202  X0 Z0" (for example) the machine now moves to the tool offset.    Inputting Just T0202 or any other tool and offset number wasnt getting any movement. Had to add X0 Z0 after.

Many Thanks

General Mach Discussion / How do I apply tool offset in Mach 3 turn?
« on: July 18, 2013, 07:50:21 PM »
Hi all, newbie here.
My problem is that I can't seem to apply my tool offsets. I have 4 tools in my tool table so far with the x and y offset values.
When I input G43 H2 (or H3 H4) into the MDI line, nothing happens.
I was expecting machine to move to the tool offset. Where am I going wrong?


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