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1. Could you please help with unknown 304 error.
Integra 7766 keep showing this error in the status and the log:

16:56:08.906 - HiCON: THC UP Motion Command Failed ##### Code 304
16:56:08.907 - Signal id 166, (THC Up), changed from LOW to HIGH.

The wiring for Up and Down is correct, and THC corrections seems to be working, and least Down signal is working perfectly. Up signal work sometimes, but sometimes does not, and showing the error in the log within 1 millisecond from first H state of UP, following by the collision stop seconds later.
Attached log file.

Could you please explain what does the error code 304 implies?

2. Is there is an option to disable collision check by Digitize signal (Probe) in the THC sequence?
Its an ohmic probe, and the machine constantly stopped by the triggered sensor.
There is an option to disable the sensor electrically after start, so I powered the sensor from OUT0, 1 Amp is good enough. But can't find a good way to control the OUT0 from g-code or Mach4. Spindle On is busy with sequence, Spindle FWD switching on before Spindle On, and even Coolant M08 command executes instantly with M03.
M03 G04P0.1 M08 works, but this involves additional delays.

Thank you

One-hour conversation with bearings supplier...  :P and I have two bearings 80mm inner diameter 1250g each.

Vertical axis design has other issues to be solved...

1) What is the best angle to install axis B (solved)

2) 720 degrees freedom of axis A  and how to let the hose rotate with an axis. The answers are either bearing ring (really big and heavy again), or bobbin for a torch hose.

Thanks! Vertical axis seems to be the easiest and... obvious way :)

But the size (and the weight) does not look good, especially for plasma. So I tried to find a more exquisite way first.

Meanwhile, progress so far.

I was not sure if all the angles are available for the torch, in the previous design. So repeated the college Math and wrote the program to calculate the angles available for the torch (3 is for 30 deg, 4 for 45 degrees). There is a huge gap in the angles available for the torch, so this design is flawed (for example it can draw a circle with 45 degrees bevel, but can't with 30 degrees).

Spent a couple of hours to draw all the ideas I can imagine, including some really stupid. Then run the program for all of them. Some of them should work, though.

Returning to the general idea with a vertical axis.

General Mach Discussion / Designing 5 axis head for plasma. Any ideas.
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:17:54 PM »
I have to design a 5-axis head assembly for plasma cutting in one month, i.e. controlled ABZ axis rotational unit.

Looking for different approaches to implement. Any ideas highly appreciated.

Made a quick search at a weekend, and it looks like "big boys" rotating the AB axes over the tip of the torch, to avoid XY corrections.
The different approach is to use "scissors" mechanism (but it translates the movement over the tip too).

Pros and Cons of the approaches?

Works in progress / Plasma calculator screenset
« on: May 30, 2016, 06:52:35 AM »
I developed the screen 3 years ago for our plasma routers, but it still can be interesting for everyone who work with plasma routers.
It is parametric engine behind the screen to calculate Feed, THC voltage, Pierce height and delays, Kerf etc.
Mainly for Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters, but works for bunch of HF start torches too, like A141, S105
The results for Powermax is about 2% dispersion to the cutting charts.
Work for metric and imperial units, gauge sheets.

The same parametric engine used for some our other projects -- ios, android, grbl, integrated controllers.

I'm wondering, if anyone interested for the same screen for Mach4.

VB and the development of wizards / VB assigning arrays
« on: April 10, 2013, 08:15:10 AM »
Is there any way to assign values to array at once? I read all VBScript_Commands.pdf and can't get any clues.
There is a code I written and it didn't work:
Code: [Select]
Static bb(1 To 2) As Integer
bb = 5,6   '//surely bb(1)=5 works
SetUserDRO(1300, bb(1))
I need to pack a bunch of predefined values into screenset. Is there a way to avoid loading these values from file and parsing it?
Thanks in advance.

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