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The 1st pin on the DB25 connector needs a signal from the charge pump,
or + 5V no matter from any source.
That should help

For one and a half years I worked with home-made milling machines with 4 servomotor drive.
it is controlled by USB MotionCard AKZ250
I attach Move block diagram
For me it works very well without mistakes
Of course all connections are shielded me.

Hi Tobbe

For the second year, I was working at home with a home-made milling machines mach 3, so I have already got used to the program.
I work at school, and next week we will supply school workshop lathe and milling machines with optimum Kontroller IV.
I also have an idea of continue to use Mach3.
AS SOON AS I receive Optimum Kontroller IV write how I will succeed.
I am going to use withDDSM4V5.0 200KHz 4-Axis CNC USBMACH3 Card Interface Board



Please then share information.
 I also require adapting OPTIMUM CNC CONTROLLER to Mach3 Milling.
Indulis from Latvia

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