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Picked up a new parallel card today and got it working!  Thanks for the help!

The pin just stays at 5V all the time, even when I try jogging.  Makes me wonder if the parallel card is bad.  I did find other posts where people used this one successfully, but it is an old card.  Or could I have an incorrect setting in the 'Port Settings' for the parallel port?  Right now I have these defaults:
- Filter Resources Method = "Never us an interrupt"  (other choices are "Try not to use an interrupt" or "Use any interrupt assigned to the port"
- Enable Legacy Plug and Play detection is disabled
- LPT Port Number is LPT1 (Although I don't think this matter as long as I use the correct port address in Mach, which I'm pretty sure I have correct, because definitely has some connectivity.)

Thoughts?  Try a different parallel card?

In the diag screen the Pulse Frequency is at 35131 and the 'Time in Init' fluctuates between +6 and 9.2 or so when the G540 is in ready state.  If I fault the G540 (hit the emergency button) then the Time in Int changes between 5.8 and 7.5.  When I press the reset button in Mach the Pulse Frequency drops down a couple of points then returns to 35131.

General Mach Discussion / initial setup - getting motors to move with G540
« on: December 02, 2012, 03:53:15 AM »
I'm just working on getting my system setup that I got from CNCRouterParts, but having problems getting the steppers to move.  Here is what I have:
- G540 with four Nema23 380oz/in steppers (The steppers are pre-installed with the correct resistors.)
- Desktop machine running Win XP SP3
- SIIG CyberParallel PCI Card

 I've started with the default G540 config file and only had to modify the port 1 address so far.  (config file is attached)
- The DriverTest says 'excellent' and has a steady bar
- The G540 shows a green light and responds appropriately to the eStop button
- The motors go into holding mode when I power up the G540
- If mach is in ready mode and I hit the eStop, Mach detects the change.  I can not reset mach until I first reconnect my eStop.  So that all seems fine.
- eStop status also shows correctly in the diag screen in mach
- I've verified that my parallel cable is straight through on all of the pins
- In Mach the coordinates change when I use the arrow keys
- I've verified the motor step pins & ports and the Dir pins and ports

So I know my basic connection between Mach and the G540 is working because of the eStop, but I don't know why I can't get the steppers to move.

Thanks in advance.  I'm sure there is just some setting I need to tweak or something.

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