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YES! That was it. I was running an older version - 3.043.022. Upgrading to 3.043.066 fixed that issue as described! Thanks everyone!

OK, that's what I'm seeing, and your suggestion works, but the Mach3 manual (Version 1.84) says:

Section FeedHold
The Feedhold button will stop the execution of the part program as quickly as possible but
in a controlled way so it can be restarted by Cycle Start. The spindle and coolant will
remain on but can be stopped manually if required.
When in FeedHold you can jog the axes, replace a broken tool etc. If you have stopped the
spindle or coolant then you will generally want to turn them on before continuing. Mach3
will however, remember the axis positions at the time of the FeedHold and return to them
before continuing the part program

Which is quite confusing, and NOT what Mach3 is doing.

Here's my issue.

If I'm machining a part, then click on Feed Hold, then move the Z up manually - say to clear the bit or change the bit (not touching X or Y) - then click on Cycle Start I expect the machine to move back to the appropriate Z height, then carry on. Instead, it moves the X AND Y AND Z axis' and carries on. Any idea what could be causing this?


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