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At this point I'm considering a Milling machine aprox. 36 x36" bed with a removable table to convert to Plasma cutting. What I hope to achieve is a very acurrate unit made from aluminum extrusion and milled with a 1.5 KW water cooled spindle. Additionaly I want to incorporate a 4th axis.

Hello Everyone,
I am new to the CNC world and am researching the best software to use for a planned CNC machine in the design stages at present. Still debating on weather to purchase or build totaly from scratch. Any suggestions would be highly valued. I am experienced in many technical areas and have a fairly nicely equiped workshop. My backround is in the HVAC industry for the past 37 years but am looking into CNC milling for both metal and wood. I also intend to attempt a combination on Milling as well as Plasma cutting on this machine. Looking forward to looking at this forum. Very best Regards ZED777

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