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Look ....... I have run the brushless .. Success ....


Ok thnx for the answers  I will try .. And I will  inform about the results

Not only resistors, kind of IC on the bottom.
1.5 to 2.5 msec pulsewidth PWM.
found this on YouTube


The Pokeys device has adjustable PWM outputs.

I think this is  PIC16F629 and I thing pg must be programmed ....     

Here's the answer for non electronics wizards (such as myself) that can't build their own.  http://www.logicnc.com/rcnc.html
I know this solution but it is not cheap.if you look the video this man use the brushles motor and the esc only . And some resistors . How can I make this

Interesting question which I'm curious to hear a learned response to.  I've run R/C planes, boats & cars for 40 yrs without knowing much about the magic "behind the scenes."  This link explains a bit about how they work.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Servo_control

Seems like a simple task for Mach, yes? ;D
I don't know if it is  simple task but I can do  the motor run... I  think mach doesn't  produce in this frequency pulses

What type of input signal does the speed controller require, PPM, PWM or just variable frequency?
esc need pwm signal.. Every 20ms

Hi .. Can Anyone tell me how can I do this .....  I want controll a brushless motor with mach3

I have this esc ...http://www.helipal.com/hobbywing-skywalker-40a-esc.html

Look this ..

 Thanks .

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