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HI guys.  I built a machine a couple years back, using Xylotex hw for the breakout board.  I have an XP parallel machine, and got it working fairly well with generated gcode. I couldn't get the limit switches set due to my limited experience and the lack of capability or instructions.  I can configure a PC pretty well, just not very electrical.  I have, I think 23 and 45 steppers installed, three axis so far.  Is there a more common and easy to set up breakout four axis with limit switch controls?  Not tied to parallel, but I can make it work.  Yesterday, Geko was suggested.  No direct phone there.  I'd like a supplier that I could spend a few minutes talking with or has something more turnkey?  Appreciate the help.

Thanks, just need a starting point, and figured things might get buried, thanks for the add.

Hi, Home hobbiest here.  A couple of years ago I built a set up off a Grizzly mill using Xylotex stuff.  Set up Mach3 & Dolphin.  XP PC - Parallel.  Anyway, I got into limit switch problems and pretty much abandoned it.  Now thinking of a restart, but not very electrical.  Is there a mostly off the shelf four axis set up where I could re-wire my steppers, add limit switches, re-Install and go?  I have a parallel PC, but can deal with the PC side mostly.  A brand, page, short list of solid stuff would be quite helpful.  Thanks!

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