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General Mach Discussion / Was working but suddenly quit
« on: July 24, 2012, 09:25:52 PM »
I setup a new computer for CNC exclusively for 3 axis mill (I tried a Dell with intigrated video and will not work for Mach 3). I am running version R1.83.027 (I bought 6 years ago before heart attack). The specs are much more than required - 3.2G CPU, 2G ram, 1333 buss, AGP video, SMART Hard drive at 7200 RPM.
I set the ports and motor run and everything was sweet using a 0.5000 mill, except it didn't compensate for mill diameter - I added markers to the motors and it ran absolute dimensions without compensating for mill diameter (I am benchtesting before installing). I checked the tool table and verified mill dimensions and wear dimensions, then tried to use a 0.625 mill which I will be using, and it would not accept the tool info at all, and now nothing works - no jog when I use TAB key to bring up the display, and the keyboard arrows and PG up/Pg dn is not operating the motors either, which all was working before. - numbers move in the display but motors do not. There is a signal to the BOB but no CNC control or step signal.
I tried to install the demo to try it and the same problem. Did I make a mistake adding the new demo in addition to the 1.83.027 version??
Would I need to format the hard drive to correct the printer port problem, or are there other problems????
I am East of Pittsburgh PA. Anyone near by??

General Mach Discussion / Re: Intigrated video
« on: July 23, 2012, 03:33:35 PM »
Tweakie, Rich, amd TP

It is a 2003 Dell without a video card slot - that rules that out.

I did a basic printer port test with a volt meter and it appeared to wrok, but the system was dead - nothing working. I am using a DB25 BOB and DQ860MA stepper drivers on an XP pro OS PC. After I posted this, about 1 AM (couldn't sleep trying to resolve the problem theoretically), I decided to set up on the media center computer (way too beefy and expensive to use as a CNC system in a shop) and the motors ran smooth and sweet. I did pull out the scope and the signal on the Dell was ugly, even with 2G of RAM memory and 2G CPU. - it will not be useable.....

I was beginning to wonder if the drivers were defective - I bought some of the equipment 6 years ago just before a bad heart atack, and the heart attack caused me problems with short term and some long term memory -  I simply missed and forgot that intigrated video could be a problem...  Since I already have much of the equipment,  and have some newer computer components, I am just going to build another computer. I am thinking I will eliminate some possible problems with another computer. I spent two or three full days benchtesting the setup, and time is sometimes limited. I think it will be less time comsuming to build something that is less problematic than to try to tweak this computer.

Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it very much. It will save me hours to build another computer than to try to force this computer to work.      Anyone need a used computer ? LOL.         It was just upgraded and a new OS installed.. It works good as a good backup PC. I am spoiled with the media center (not for sale) with 3.4G dual core CPU, 4G 1333 bus RAM,  dual SATA 1T harddrives (video uses huge files) high res video card with 512M RAM, so I think I am going to sell the Dell and build another one.

Thanks again.

General Mach Discussion / Intigrated video
« on: July 22, 2012, 11:48:12 PM »
I just setup a computer with intigrated video. Is there anything I can do to get the system working??

I have more than enough ram, CPU, buss, and missed the requirement for no intigrated video card into the motherboard. UGH!!  :-[

It is a Dell with 2G CPU, 1G RAM, - any possibilities to salvage this computer or do I have to build another computer???????



I am Jeff, east of Pittsburgh Pa. I have been a service technician for decades on a variety of equipment. I am setting up a 3 axis CNC mill for hobby.

I am looking for someone in the Pittsburgh region that runs Mach 3 to network with.

Hope to find some good information to setup the Mach 3 mill - I have a wide range of information in a variety of fields and disciplines to share.


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