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The plasma is a miller spectrum 875 auto line.  The only thing I saw in the manual is not to use more then 120 or 130 psi.  I'm gonna look at it again.

Tripleblack, Thank you so much.  That fixed my problem.  Well It will cut good using a 40 amp tip on plates 1/16" through 1/4" and using a 60 amp tip for sizes greater than 1/4".  If I cut 1/4" with a 60 amp tip it still cuts bad.  I'm fine using the different tips though.  I set my THC feed to 5.  Thanks for the help everyone.

Please see attached images of my system.  I'm new to Mach plasma.  I'm more familiar with mach mill.  I hope these pics answer your questions.

Thanks for your reply BR549 but I have tried that.

My system is in inches.  My velocity was over 90 and I tried backing it down a couple times and even brough it down to 10.  The problem still occured.  I've adjusted the acceleration as well. watching the z, I can see the motor turning left and right constantly during the cut. 

I've been trying to get ahold of plasma route for a week straight and they will not answer or return my phone calls. 

I have a Plasma Route CNC plasma cutting table with 3 axis stepper motor set up.  It is running mach and has a thermal height control (THC) that the company provided.  The THC has a "brain" that senses off the plasma cutter and sends information to Mach 3.

My Problem:
I can cut with no problem when The THC is turned off.  The cut is very smooth and almost straight up and down.  When I turn the THC on the Z axis jumps up and down continuously during cutting which produces a terrible cut (jagged and tapered). 

How can I adjust the THC so that it cuts smooth like it does without it on.  I have to Use the THC because all the plates I get are always bowed. 

I'm in a pinch and need this quick, Please help.

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