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Post Processors / Re: Mach3 post for mastercam
« on: January 28, 2013, 06:17:09 PM »
Never mind I figured it out on my own. It supports Mastercam V9 if anyone is interested

Post Processors / Mach3 post for mastercam
« on: January 27, 2013, 11:10:07 PM »
Can anyone tell me what version of mastercam the mach3 post is for that you can find on machsupport.com ?

Want to Thank You both for the input, it all works now! ;D When it came to freeing up the Z, I would only recommend using a hard wood punch type tool. I used a piece of osage orange tree branch shaved down to fit against the pulley to knock it free. A screw driver or metal object will damage the internal pulley. Great tip about the top switch being used for an E-stop. Will do   Thanks again for the help

The arrow keys move the TABLE in the desired direction. I have a retrofit Bridgeport boss 4. When standing in front of the machine and homing, the machine zero is on the left front side of the table. Bridgeports have a half circle cut out on the table that shows machine zero. When jogging away from machine zero point X & Y DRO read minus values. This is normal in cnc machining.
 When it comes to setting the work zero (G54) it should follow the cartesian grid. If I move the tool to the center of the table and place the grid under the tool at X0,Y0 (red dot on grid) and call this G54, then any positive XY values in the program should move the tool in quadrant 1, regardless of where machine zero is. All my movement is in quadrant 3 of the grid which would be all XY negative values in the program.
Its like a reverse mirror image.
And to top it all off, I now have my z axis stuck. Traveled beyond the limit switch and jammed.
Sometimes I think its better to kick yourself in the nuts and stay in bed all day than to take on the headache of cnc troubleshooting ! ;D  

General Mach Discussion / mach3 and the cartesian coordinate grid
« on: May 16, 2012, 05:53:56 PM »
When I test run the roadrunner program mach seems to run in the wrong coordinate. All X & Y values are positive in the program yet according to the cartesian grid it runs in the X- & Y- grid (roman numeral 3 on the picture). I am a former cnc machinist and am use to the X+ & Y+ being in the number 1 section of the grid. The machine behaves like it should, when I hit the left arrow key the x axis moves to the left. When I hit the up arrow key the Y moves away from me, same with the Z. Machine homes correctly. What do I do to change this feature ? Thank You

I figured it out !! I have a parallel port issue. It seems that port #2 is not communicating. I ran my limits through an alternate input on the c32 bob that used port 1 pins 11, 12, 13. Now to correct it so my MPG will work! Thanks for the reply Hood

Sorry it took awhile, here is the xml file I have set up.  It will show a few pins for spindle relay control and other outputs that are not activated.
My first focus is the safety of the machine from damage so the Limit Switches are my primary concern. Thank You

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach XML Reader
« on: May 02, 2012, 08:49:18 PM »
Nice job man, Thank You. I've been looking for a reader for some time. Mach people are the greatest!!! 8)

Checked the switches and they all show good. I need to make a correction, when in diagnostic screen I can not get the switches to respond in MACH when activated prior to the RESET.
 They do respond on the C32 BOB. I have cross checked the port and pin with the LED's on the BOB(has port and pin # next to LED's). Checked Mach, engaged and active low is checked do to Mach toggle fix before it will RESET.
 I have checked my parallel cables pin to pin and all is good.
What am I missing ?

I have a Bridgeport Boss 4 retrofitted with C32 bob, using existing limit switches wired NC with 5 volt power. I have xyz +-home enabled and active low, port and pins 2-12 2-13 2-15 are used.
When I first turned on mach it said that inputs needed corrected and that mach would toggle and make the change. During this time the diagnostic screen showed the limits activated. I could engage the machine limit and the respective limit light would respond. I let mach make the changes in order to RESET and from that point on it no longer would recognize the switch activation.
Anyone with similar problems or ideas ? Thanks

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