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General Mach Discussion / Accuracy Test
« on: November 05, 2012, 01:52:18 PM »
Hi, I was able to get an access to a Sieg x3 cnc. I have just downloaded a trial of cambam and did some basic shapes ( Circles 100mm, 200mm), I have generated the codes and uploaded it on Mach3. When I did a test run I have noticed that the shapes were under size. I do not know if I made a wrong input ( wrong cutter size.. ), but maybe you guys here can share some gcodes that I could use to test the accuracy of the machine. I do not know how to do gcodes manually :-(

Maybe some gcodes for some circles and squares....I have a 3/16 endmill cutter that I could use :-) I'll use a some wood planks to practice on..

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mastercam X5
« on: April 12, 2012, 01:24:20 AM »
I think the post processor for Mastercam for download over the internet is not
really meant to work well for mastercam x5 :-(

Yes the dimension is only 100 x 100mm and the dept of cut is  only 10mm
using a 10mm endmill.  When I load the gcode generated  to Mach3 it shows
inaccurate cut parameters.

I'm currently using cambam to generate g-codes for mach3 and so far it works well,
but with my mastercam it has been a failure :-(

General Mach Discussion / Mastercam X5
« on: April 11, 2012, 05:45:11 PM »
I have downloaded and installed the mastercam postprocessor provided from Artsoft. Made a simple 100 x100mm contour with one pass -10mm deep cut and after I input the g code generated to Mach3 it didn't work properly.  Does the postprocessor provided only works with older version of Mastercam? Here is the g-code generated...

O0000 (SQUARE)
(MC9 FILE  - T)
(POST      - )
(DATE      - APR-12-12)
(TIME      - 07:37)
(POST DEV  - NovaLab)
(NWDTOOL N"   10. FLAT ENDMILL" T219 D10. F10. L20. A45. CD20. CL10. SD20. C0)
(NWDSTOCK X100. Y100. Z10. OTC OX-50. OY-50. OZ0.)
N100 G00 G17 G21 G40 G49 G80 G90
N110 T219 M06 (   10. FLAT ENDMILL)
N120 (MAX - Z25.)
N130 (MIN - Z-10.)
N140 G00 Z25.
N150 G00 X5. Y100. S2000 M03
N160 Z-15.
N170 G01 Z-20. F3.6
N180 Y-95.
N190 X95.
N200 G00 Z35.
N210 X-95.
N220 Z-15.
N230 G01 Z-20.
N240 X90.
N250 Y90.
N260 X-90.
N270 Y-90.
N280 G00 Z35.
N290 M05
N300 G90
N310 M30

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