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Hi Everyone I am not sure where to post this, I am using qcad and sheetcam and of coarse Mach3 on my cnc table.
Up until last night I haven't had a problem but I designed a file last night and set it up in sheetcam like normal and just like always it went great and it was a very quick and easy file. Just one .25 in hole to drill and a 1.01575 dia recess .12 inch deep spiral cut. After posting it I opened in mach3 and nothing, it loads but nothing in the screen but a little dot which I could not enlarge. Only thing I did on that computer was add a xbox 360 wired controller. I designed it on a different computer and posted on the one I designed it on, went in shop and used mach3 there. After doing that and the problem I tried loading on all 3 computers and didn't work. All old programs opened fine but now any new files I create wont show in mach3. Not sure what happened. I have unplugged the xbox controller but not remove plugin yet.
Thanks for any help if you have any ideas.

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« on: May 04, 2014, 12:14:25 AM »
I have a store bought plasma table or should say eBay bought and it has a legal mach3 with it but I did buy a different machine with a bootleg of mach3, I am wondering if I could still use the good copy on my other machines, I am building a larger plasma and also in the process of building a 3d printer and setting my mill and lathe cnc...am I aloud to use the one copy on all or did I take a loss on the bad copy? I did pay extra for it not knowing it was a bad copy

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