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what about using a dual boot, that should do it

ah... so i could just run a Virtual windows 32 bit, and use mach3 on there?


hey all!

i'm using mach3 on my 64 bit desktop using a pci parralel port since my pc didnt have one on board.
the port seems to work, because when i change some settings on the ports properties in device manager, all outputs are high for a split second after changing settings around. so i guess that means theres communication between my os and my parralel port, drivers are also up to date.
i can see all outputs going high by my breakout board LED's, wich is homebrew, aswell as the stepper drivers, when all port outputs flash high, all motors move a step, so that end works.

the port is on LPT1 and has a I/O range of:

I/O Range : E800 - E807
I/O Range : E400 - E407

so when setting up my ports and pins i gave mach3 the adress of 0xE800 instead of the standard adress one would use for an on board parralel port. ive also tried simply entering E800.

both times, when i go to motor tuning, and press the up and down arrow keys, nothing happens to my outputs, except for pin 5, wich is always high when my pc is on.

i read somewhere on the mach3 website that you cant drive your parralel port on 64 bit windows, but you need to do it on 32 bit?

so is there some kind of extra driver or plugin i need to download? or do i need to run 32 bit?


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