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How might I do that

Hey guys,  Pretty new here but I just had to get a new controller for my cnc but am still running mach 3 just like I did with the first controller.  But when i go to carve out a project it is carving it out about 1/4 of the size it is suppose to be.  Do you have some suggestions as to what could be the issue.  Thanks

Hey Guys,  I haven't used my cnc for three weeks or so and went out to use it today and it will not move at all.  The DRO does not even register anything with using the arrow keys or with using the tab key to get the mach 3 mover.  I was wondering if the heat and humidity would have anything to do with it.  Or what other ideas you have.   It is in a unconditioned shed and I have used it lots before but not for the last three weeks.  And three weeks ago it worked fine, any ideas?

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