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General Mach Discussion / Re: Really basic spindle control question
« on: July 26, 2013, 01:52:51 AM »
<Correct way to continue after stop is use "run from here" but I think it is not functinal in demo, needs to have license>

Run from here is correct way to do restart after tool tip change and more likely only way to start correct coordinates and offsets if you make modification those.
It is explaned in mach manuals, which you will find in http://www.machsupport.com/help-learning/product-manuals/

Which version you are using and are you using standard screen set?

I donĀ“t know for sure or more specific how to make output active when code is running, but that do not mean that it is not possible.... maybe in brains it could be possible?


General Mach Discussion / Re: Really basic spindle control question
« on: July 25, 2013, 01:33:18 AM »
You should not use stop if you want continue cutting just pressing cycle start. You should use pause. Although pause do not work in midle of circle and I think it can not be used very well in subroutines. You could loose position when use stop as axis do not declerate at all. Some servo systems can handfle that, ut steppers do not. To stop whitout loosing position is use pause and after machine do not move press stop.

Correct way to continue after stop is use "run from here" but I think it is not functinal in demo, needs to have license

In g-code you need to call height offset using G43 H(offset number from mach tool table).
Offset is taken account in next z move. Be carefull to have enough space from tool change location and next move, it must be more than offset value.

Personaly I do not use any special macro to send machine to the tool change location, I just edit M6 start macro and use machine coordinates to sent machine tool change location. This way machine will move to the tool change location allways when program have M6 in it.

My M6 macro I have:
G0 G53 Z0 ( z to machine zero )

Cam just outputs:
M6 T2
S4500 M3
G43 H2
G0 Z2.

Mach do have back lash comp!
I am not certain all external motion control HW do support it, but most do and so do paraller port.
Closed loop do not bother me, as servos I use closes loop in the drive. If folowing error limit is exceeded then machine will estop. Old commercial controls work similar way, they do not have ability to slow feed down if drive/motor can not keep up.
Not the mention siemens spare parts prices ... ;)


dspMC/IP Motion Controller / Re: g94/95 feed problem
« on: January 28, 2013, 04:15:13 AM »
>Rich I can understand if it was in program and lets say the last feedrate was a g01 f.050" and was modal, then my next line could read ( and I'm still in g95) s200 z move with F command so it would pick up the last f command but I was using mdi with only one line of info, g95s200 m03 z1. and it moved 1. at about 50"/min.
I am going to start again from scratch and make sure there are no previous feedrates in the system. I have been fixing this stuff for almost 40 years on the mechanical side and with Fanuc etc, don't know crap when it comes to PC systems. I am trying to compare mach to the high end controls but it has to work and not be dangerous, it's very easy to miss a F command when programming manually that's how I make i living.

I dont have dspMC/IP or dont have used one either, but your message above caught my attention; Should the mdi line  g95s200 m03 z1. have also G01 ? If machine is in rapid (G00) state, then its working right if moving at rapid?
Most commercial machines I have used need new feed after new commanded new Sword and G94/G95 + F must be separate line. Still feed is updated even using spindle speed overide pot. Need to check this with Mach3 tomorrow when I get back to the shop.


General Mach Discussion / Re: True 4 Axis Simultaneous on Mach3
« on: November 24, 2012, 10:32:30 AM »
Here is one I have used;
Hope it helps.

G00 G17 G21 G40 G49 G64 G80 G98 G90
(4th Axis Engraving)
M6 T3
S2250 M3
G00 X-110. Y0.
G00 G43 H3
G01 A-0.629 F300
Z23.5 A-0.629 F450
X-95. A-0.629
X-80. A-3.580
X-78.571 A-5.764
X-77.282 A-8.437
X-76.148 A-11.514
X-75.175 A-14.934
X-74.371  Z23.499 A-18.637
X-73.744 A-22.548
X-73.293 A-26.598
X-73.006 A-30.722
X-72.762 A-35.666
X-72.488 A-41.218
X-72.196  Z23.498 A-47.145
X-71.904 A-53.073
X-71.601 A-59.217
X-71.326 A-64.804
X-71.043  Z23.497 A-70.547
X-70.765 A-76.174
X-70.44 A-82.761
X-70.208 A-87.470
X-69.976  Z23.496 A-92.181
X-69.723 A-97.302
X-69.46 A-102.631
X-69.189 A-108.119
X-68.912 A-113.746
X-68.629 A-119.490
X-68.342 A-125.325
X-68.051  Z23.495 A-131.222
X-67.759 A-137.151
X-67.466 A-143.079
X-67.176 A-148.976
X-66.888 A-154.811
X-66.605 A-160.555
X-66.328  Z23.496 A-166.183
X-66.028 A-172.257
X-65.794 A-177.000
X-65.54 A-182.156
X-65.255 A-187.927
X-64.979 A-193.537
X-64.702 A-199.144
X-64.426  Z23.497 A-204.749
X-64.149 A-210.352
X-63.873 A-215.953
X-63.597 A-221.552
X-63.321 A-227.159
X-63.029  Z23.498 A-233.087
X-62.738 A-238.983
X-62.413 A-245.583
X-62.168 A-250.561
X-61.891  Z23.499 A-256.187
X-61.62 A-261.674
X-61.357 A-267.003
X-61.102 A-272.158
X-60.836 A-277.554
X-60.56  Z23.5 A-283.163
X-60.283 A-288.772
X-60.006 A-294.382
X-59.73 A-299.991
X-59.453 A-305.599
X-59.176 A-311.226
X-58.884 A-317.153
X-58.591 A-323.081
X-58.301 A-328.976
X-58.013 A-334.810
X-57.73 A-340.552
X-57.453 A-346.178
X-57.183 A-351.665
X-56.92 A-356.994
X-56.665 A-362.148
X-56.38 A-367.919
X-56.104 A-373.528
X-55.827  Z23.499 A-379.135
X-55.551 A-384.739
X-55.274 A-390.341
X-54.998 A-395.941
X-54.722 A-401.539
X-54.446  Z23.498 A-407.145
X-54.154 A-413.073
X-53.863 A-418.970
X-53.538 A-425.569
X-53.293  Z23.497 A-430.547
X-53.016 A-436.174
X-52.745 A-441.662
X-52.482 A-446.991
X-52.227  Z23.496 A-452.147
X-51.961 A-457.547
X-51.685 A-463.157
X-51.408 A-468.768
X-51.131 A-474.378
X-50.855 A-479.988
X-50.578 A-485.598
X-50.301  Z23.495 A-491.222
X-50.009 A-497.151
X-49.716 A-503.079
X-49.426 A-508.976
X-49.138 A-514.811
X-48.855 A-520.555
X-48.578  Z23.496 A-526.183
X-48.308 A-531.671
X-48.045 A-537.000
X-47.79 A-542.156
X-47.505 A-547.927
X-47.229 A-553.537
X-46.952 A-559.144
X-46.676  Z23.497 A-564.749
X-46.399 A-570.352
X-46.123 A-575.953
X-45.847 A-581.552
X-45.571 A-587.159
X-45.279  Z23.498 A-593.087
X-44.988 A-598.983
X-44.663 A-605.583
X-44.418 A-610.561
X-44.141  Z23.499 A-616.187
X-43.87 A-621.674
X-43.607 A-627.003
X-43.352 A-632.158
X-43.086 A-637.554
X-42.81  Z23.5 A-643.163
X-42.533 A-648.772
X-42.256 A-654.382
X-41.98 A-659.991
X-41.703 A-665.599
X-41.426 A-671.226
X-41.134 A-677.153
X-40.841 A-683.081
X-40.551 A-688.976
X-40.263 A-694.810
X-39.98 A-700.552
X-39.703 A-706.178
X-39.433 A-711.665
X-39.17 A-716.994
X-38.915 A-722.148
X-38.732 A-725.862
X-38.499 A-730.579
X-38.206 A-736.522
X-37.916  Z23.499 A-742.403
X-37.629 A-748.236
X-37.495 A-750.948
X-37.199 A-755.009
X-36.711 A-758.920
X-35.943 A-762.890
X-35.129  Z23.498 A-765.979
X-34.058 A-769.001
X-32.824 A-771.637
X-31.46 A-773.840
X-30. A-775.577
X-15. A-777.926
X0. A-777.971
Z34.998 A-777.971
G00 Z150.
M5 M9
G0 A0.

Just quick question to clarify: is it pausing midle of movement if you command axis using mdi?
If it is, then do you have backlash comp enabled?
If ansver is yes then try whitout comp. It maybe curable lovering shuttle acceleration setting and tuning backlash speed.

General Mach Discussion / Re: software question
« on: August 12, 2011, 11:41:51 AM »
When 5 axis motion is in question, I think he is asking five axis tool comp eg. "Rotation Tool Center Point"  ??
Answer is mach do not have this feature, but it do not mean mach can not handle 5 axis machining!
I use 5 axis toolpaths made so that tool lenght is handled by postprosessor. Post is more complex and also quite expensive but so is 5 axis CAM...


General Mach Discussion / Re: Hesitation in jog, G0 upgrade problem
« on: January 14, 2010, 11:32:14 AM »
You need to check "Shuttle acceleration" value, if too big it will make backlash act as you noticed. I have servo motors and can use value like 0.01 but stepper maybe need more, depends your machine....


General Mach Discussion / Re: build a real cnc
« on: November 13, 2009, 09:48:41 AM »
 ;) of course the BIGGEST one  ;D
40 amps

Regs Mika

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