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General Mach Discussion / Lathe Spindle Will Not Start Up
« on: March 11, 2015, 05:54:59 PM »
I am setting up a lathe with an Ethernet smoothstepper, connected to a C25 smoothstepper LPT breakout board, and it is wired to a C41 variable speed control, and then wired to my VFD. On the 'Motor Outputs' tab, X axis step=2, dir=3. My Spindle step=7, dir=8.

The bottom line is I cant get my spindle to turn if it is wired in this configuration. But if I put my step/dir wires from my spindle over to pins 2/3(which was the x axis), then I can jog the spindle with the up and down arrow keys. Any output pin that is assigned to the Spindle under the 'Motor Outputs' tab, it does not give step or PWM out of that pin anymore. If I assign the spindle to pin 2, then I will no longer get a step/pwm signal out of that pin when I try to turn the spindle on.

It sounds like it has to be a software/settings problem. Here is what I have: Under the 'Spindle Setup", I have set 'Motor Control' to have 'Use Spindle Motor Output' and 'PWM' is checked. Ive changed 'PWMBase Freq.' to all kinds on #s, and changed 'Minimum PWM'.

Here is my xml too.



Machscreen Screen Designer / 4 buttons, 4 part programs
« on: July 07, 2011, 11:21:27 AM »
Here is what I would like to do...turn on the computer that is running xp, have mach3 startup automatically and run in the background, and have only a simple screen come up with 4 buttons and each button will have its own part program to run 50 or so lines of g-code. Ideally, the user would never see mach3. It would be just a liaison, or middle man, between the simple screen and the cnc. Is this possible?



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