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Here is a PDF copy of the manual.

There are rom chips that are in the controller and you can manually create the code for creating a part line by line. You use it to set up the home position and reference points. I use MasterCAM to create the part and use the post processor to create the code for the Dyna. The code must then be sent from the computer to the Dyna. That is where the problem comes in. I will get an error on the Dyna every time I send the code to the Dyna if I use anything more than a 486 machine. Pentiums will not work. The cable used to transfer the code has a parallel end to the dyna and comes out of a com port on the computer. I dont know how that works but if you use the 486 with the com por configured it works. I hope this helps. The pics I took today were blurry looking in the box, Sorry


Thanks for helping Hood. It is a parallel input. Here are some pics.

I have the manual and will take some pics of the machine inside and out. It is feed by a parallel input from a com port. I will get the info and get back.


I have 2 machines at school that will only run on the 486 wit Dyna software. I need to get them set up to run the Mach 3 program but need to come up with the correct hardware first. I am not familiar with PLC's but will learn quick. Any help that I can get would be truly appreciated.




My name is Scott. I have been a teacher for the last 34 years in a small town in Minnesota. The areas that I teach are in CAD drafting, Electronics and Metals. The kids are great and I truly love teaching, Lord knows there are challenges everyday but if you take it one day at a time and look for the progress that kids make, its worth every minute of time spent. I have 2 Dyna mills (2200 and 2400) that are very limited in function because they will not function with a Pentium computer. 486 machines are all that will drive the programs without giving me an error. I am hoping that I can get one of you who have retrofitted these machines with new controllers and steppers to help me find the right parts for mine so that it will run Mach software. Any help that you can give will be truly appreciated.

Thanks for your time!!

SmoothStepper USB / Re: SmoothStepper and Dyna 2400
« on: June 21, 2011, 09:18:58 PM »

I am an Industrial Technology teacher in a small Minnesota town. I have 2 Dyna Mills ( 2400 and 2200) that I would like to make work with the Mach software. I teach Electronics and Metals classes and with budgets being the way they are I would love to retrofit these mills so that they can be used more efficiently than with the original Dyna software and a 486 machine. I have been in teaching for the last 34 years and have not got into the programmable logic controllers and steppers.

I need to know what I need for controllers, driver boards and steppers as well as a hint or 2 on how it needs to go together. I would appreciate any help you can give me!

Thanks a million!

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