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2 bills is no problem. Utubed it and that looks like the way to go.

When I did this retrofit, there were no ethernet or usb connections available. Alot has changed. Will the external motion controller replace my Bob Campbell break out board or my Viper 200 drives? Or just be an extra link in the chain of command?

I had a computer built but the modern mb's port adress would not work on mach3.
I did a search for motherboards user friendly to mach and came up with these two.
Asus - M2N68-AM SE2. Which seems to be old used stuff with rs232 connections
GA-8 SIMLH P4 Titan-DDR, that has usb and ethernet connections.
Is there another option? I'm running on a rs232 cable and the machine runs great until the damn computer dies.
Any suggestions?

Ran the "find Port address" file in mach and it came back with LPT1 h378. I checked the bios settings in the old computer and they are the same as the new computer. ps/2, address, port. I ran the drive test on the old computer and it popped right up.

xp 32 bit.

I seem to recall that I had to load a different driver than was on the machine one time.
thank you

The computer is an older Dell. I will check voltage when I get home.

Right clicked drivetest, ran as administrator, nothing happened.

I've had Mach 3 running a mill for several years now on multiple Dell computers with XP. When the computer dies, I buy another one off ebay. In the past I've copied my backed up Mach 3 and other files onto c: drive and the thing would run. I'm getting old and this time I missed something. Mach will come up and show my registered name on my license. I can hit axis feed buttons and the display changes but the axis' will not move. All the parameters seem to be right. Printer port enabled.
Any help will be appreciated

Got the refurbed computer in this weekend. Hooked it up and reloaded configs. My backup was contaminated, something about a .dll file. Contacted Artsoft yesterday afternoon because I couldn't log into the site to download a freash copy. By the time I got home I had an email with my liscense and a very helpful pdf. Transfered the files and loaded configurations and was running inside an hour. Very happy with the great customer support!
thanks to all

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