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I have noticed the following:

Edit button script - change the file then 'File save' then exit window
Then, 'VB script editor' - opens the previous file with the correct changes
Then Edit button script - no changes in file

What's going on with the Keygrabber?

I did all that but no joy. I assume by the way that after editing a macro and opening it again the changes should be
visible without saving anything - not in my case with this keygrabber.
Also, i am pretty sure the last ime i used 'edit macro' with keygrabber was about a year ago and it worked then.

With Mach3 active I just open explorer window to check if the date of the *.set file is being updated.
It's not with keygrabber.exe /p etc  mode and it is with mach3 /p etc

My keygrabber is the same version.

Just to remind you what I do:

run mach3 using keygrabber, edit button script, modify file, save, close.
Check *.set file for date change (NO) , edit button script again and no change to file.

All this works fine if I dont use keygrabber.

Today I uninstalled Mach3 and setup Windows XP to be as lean as possible.
Ran mach3.exe /p myprofile and the edit button script works. The macro file is saved
and the myprofile.set file is updated.

But again, running keygrabber.exe /p myprofile does not save the file and *.set file is not
updated. Even saving the *.set file within Mach3 and reopening the macro does
not work.

I then tried another computer running XP home edition. I get the same result!!!!!

Unfortunately I will just have to use mach3 without the keygrabber,

Thanks for you help Hood. I will now clean the Mach3 installation and start again and see what happens.

Here is the grab file

Hi Hood,
Yes. I  edit the button in Mach3 using edit button script and it works if i dont use
the keygrabber. The files in question are attached.

OK. I agree the button macros are stored in the *.set file. When I run via Keygrabber as before and modify a key macro then modify and save the
named *.set file it has an updated time stamp as expected. The problem is when I search the *.set file using a hex file viewer the contents of that embedded macro has not changed. It only changes if I start mach3 without the initial Keygrabber preamble.

I tried again and it's confusing!

For example: I edit the Hiddenscript for Auto Z macro (in macros/myprofile using a Windows editor without Mach3 running
and confirm the changes. I then start mach3 using Keygrabber.exe /p myprofile  and open 'Zero Z macro' the file does not
reflect the previous changes!! So which file has it opened and from where?
The file I changed using a windows editor has now been changed back by Mach3.

When I start mach3 without keygrabber and modify hiddenscript prior to the run the file opens without the changes but
changing it in mach3 is fine.

Also, why is this file called Hiddenscript and why not have an unique macro file name for all programmable keys on mach3 screens?

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