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i recent use L297+IRFZ44N(N-MOS) to made a driver for stepper motor,that will work for CNC

but i found at holding mode(i mean when there no clock signal,and motor's some winding have

current,some not, like B & C is on, and A & B is off)
the Z44 Mos is very hot(estimate at 100 C degree),though i already have heat sink on it.

so i hope i can use enable founction for mach2 ,like Kcam4 have 3 enable for X,Y,Z each,to

reduce the heat,

but at mach2 setup,it have 3 enable, and in the manual it's said usually only use one enable

for 3 axis,
the question is ,does the 3 enable that can configured at output signals is mapping to

X,Y,Z axis (if it's mapping like Kcam4,where to configure?)
or the 3 enable is only same founction as 1 enable?

also,i not clear know the heat is normal or abnormal, i can change another Mos, higher Pd

power,but i am afraid the heat may damage the MOS(will cause electric accident! or the heat

will damage the stepper motor.
it's safe or not ,i don't know!

ok ,and the Chinese Tradition New Year is coming ,may you "Kong Hei Fa Choi"
it's cantonese ,mean "hope you got big money"

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