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Dear Hood
 You are so good to have stuck with me and I cannot thank you enough. The pressing of the mach spindle button did the trick.
I had wrongly assumed that this only applied when the spindle was under a speed control or via the program and since I only have the on/off lathe motor switch I never pressed it.
thanks now I can get on with some screwcutting
Cheers Geoff Ford Cape Town

Hi Hood Hope you are not losing hope with me
Done as you say and attach the latest .XML file . Can you see anything wrong ?
when I go to turn should the spindle revs appear without further key strokes ?

I am not using any relays other than the estop contacts on the external relay energised by the motor starter.
I will enable the relays as you suggest
Thnaks Geoff

Hi Hood
I have done all the suggested without any joy and have rebuilt the hall effect sensor with a new chipand still do not register any speed indication.
I have had a scope on the output to the opto isolator and then after it and before the pc parallel port. Both show the pulse is apparently ok. A meter on the output shows +5v when the thing triggers
I have set the config up exactly as recommended by Tony Jeffree in his article which I used to build up the system to convert my ML7 to CNC and everything is working well save for the speed read out

should be here an xml

This should be the latest xml. I checked that the index was enabled in the set up pins &ports
Does the save settings in config produce another xml each time you press it ?

Ok I have reloaded and set up and this is the setup xml I

Dear Hood
reloaded and reset up did nothing to solve my problem.
Could the signal shape or width or something be my trouble.
Getting to the limit of my expertise, not too high in any case
Geoff Ford cape Town

Thanks Hood,
I am not sure if the file was the correct one as I cannot find out where the file produced in CONFIG -  Save is located.
I have saved several times but nothing appears in the mach set up folder area .I
checked that index was enabled and it was. Also set debounce to zero but speed still not registering.
In diagnostics the index led is flashing at rates which differs with speed alterations.At 40 rpm it is a strong pulse at about second intervals.
I did the auto check in inputs and it correctly found index enabled and port
I am going to reload mach 3 rdo the set up and see if that does anything

iHope this is ok Thanks for your patience

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