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Video P*r*o*b*i*n*g / Slow setup speed with my video probe…
« on: December 23, 2010, 02:16:32 PM »
Hello everybody,
here is my setup for video probing. I’m dissatisfied with setup speed of my video probe… It takes a lot of time to adjust and locate starting point of a fixture/part. Do you know another, faster, more precise way of finding edges, hole center on a part/fixture/table?

Hi Mike,
nice job. Could you show us cutter you've made to do this project?


as long as hijacking is informative, I’m glad you did that.
Can you do engravings like that on a brass? If not: what would it take in terms of laser power and investment to get these results?

Interesting project, cool engravings. I like the binoculars, good idea.

Thanks Dave.
Forgot an important part; depth is 0.25mm and I'm using Testers paint.

Hi guys,
I’m working on a very small scale projects like wrist watch cases, dials, bridges and main plates. Sometimes machining new parts and decorating movements inside and out.  As a result I’m trying to do the smallest possible engravings on brass and steel. Diamond drag is not an option; it wouldn’t give me enough depth to change color of the engraving. If any of you had any experience with small scale engraving please respond.  Here is an example of what I was up to: letters on the photo are 1mm high and 0.5 mm wide.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Mach3 stops and looses control
« on: November 10, 2010, 08:09:28 PM »
Had similar problem, turnout to be an antivirus running on a background. Turned if off and no issues since.


Hi guys…
Major screw up… I revered RT from 6 to 4 wires, and I don’t think I have made a mistake in that, but… After I fired up machine and tried to move RT something loudly popped on the board and I smelled smoke. Machine is dead, I’m 0confused and mad at myself. Dumb mistake – expensive smoke.  The worst part I have no idea what went wrong…

Hi Al,
Thank you for a very informative reply.

You are correct; in my setup it should be a C axis. I wasn't familiar with the right hand rule. I hope that setup you described in your post is still good moving from wrong A axis to correct C. I can use XY and Z axis for engraving on a flat surface if I could use rotating engraving bit or diamond drag. In my case I can't. I have to use lathe type tool bit with a single cutting edge producing circular patterns.

Think about my setup as a Rose Engine machine in vertical position. I don't know if you are familiar with the RE but here is a link to visualize what I'm trying to do. http://www.rgmwatches.com/about_rgm/engine_turning.php and click on video on that page. If you have an idea or suggestion how to achieve same effect without RT I'll appreciate it very much.

Thank you.


Hi Al,
Coming from you it is all sounds easy and very optimistic. I started believing that 4th axis is not a big deal :).

My first challenge will be to rewire Sherline stepper from 6 wires to 4 (Xylotex board).
Second, is to properly setup table in Mach3.
Last but not list, to produce a G-code to engrave patterns on a flat surface using Y, Z and A axis.
The idea is to install RT flat on an X/Y table perpendicular to Z. Attach lathe type of tool bit on Z axis pointing down perpendicular to X/Y.  Z axis will go up and down driving tool bit into the engraved part installed in RT regulating engraving depth. Spindle will not rotate. Y axis will move in longitudinal direction fore. and aft. from outside toward center of the engraved part. So, when all three axis moving simultaneously: A rotates clockwise holding eng. part, Z drives non rotating tool in and out of the eng. part, and Y moving RT (eng. part) fore or aft.
I hope my explanation makes some sense.


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