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Ok, I did, I also read the ports and pins were differnt than the page, so I got out my files I backed up, they match the pins on the manual for the boards so they must be right, I got a crash coures on how this all goes together[, I dont do a lot of computer work, Ive been learning the cad and cam programs, and setting up the tooliabrary, then my time was focused on learning the calyspo msm, I still need to study more, I really like the function of probing post and holes, and the off set system so the part dosent have to be alighned, Beetween drawing datums, learning the cad, /cam, off sets on the lathe and mill, tool liabrary,radias mode, diam mode, lathe drawings with datum at cenetrline,I thought would help me with the center drilling off sets, and trying to learn some basic g code, had me goin for a while, I'm back on that after I get the computer delima solved, Setting up the network was where the computer crashed, driver conflict. See I got this great idia that I could net work the computers, draw at my desk, send the g code over, then If I had to make any adjustments, I could use remote desk top, that would keep mee from wearing out the memory sticks and the usb plugs and the dongle.
Ive since found out that there is a setting in the network that might actually allow me to do that to keep the process from causing problems. Ive also found out that you really shouldnt have a bunch of crap on the computers, that run the machine controller, but it hadnt been a real problem, I had all kinds of stuff on one computer and some on the other, then it crashed, so I guess I'll get every thing running good, then go back to the network,I set up, but since erased whil waiting for the cards, though that might be the problem, but see how it goes, if it causes problems,, maybe just file sharing.after the crash I decided to just run fresh installs, back up the profile, and if it crashes or starts getting buggy, I can just reload, nothing on it now but mach 3 and xp. I plan on experiminting with more stuff as time goes by. addons , ect.

General Mach Discussion / Re: driver for moschip 9865 , Pleeeeze !
« on: June 11, 2012, 10:13:18 PM »
[ok, on the other board, z gurgles a little, still no action from y and x, voltage?

General Mach Discussion / Re: driver for moschip 9865 , Pleeeeze !
« on: June 11, 2012, 09:44:51 PM »
well, I have 13.9 VDC going into the board, off  a large deep cycle battery, and I'm running a board profile for the board, but it matches the profile I had saved, ports and pins, I measured voltage on a older 1.5 battery and got 1.4, then a 9 v and got 9.6, that ones new, so the volt meter is good, the board was working fine, I have 2 boards, both work fine, only thing is I did get 3.0 volts at the inputs out of the ports you suggeseted. I grounded between the dir and step pins, but when I plug it into the board, only z and e move, but its not the motors, and both boards are the same, The other computer with the same driver is pushing a little less voltage. I didnt get any action on the vender supplyed driver like many post say, moship, was out for the weekend, called them this morning, no wonder I couldnt find the drivers, I did a lot of searches.., they sold to ASIX.com, whoudathunk,  I did find one driver a guy said works, but coulnt get it to load with the card, I think my problem might be low voltage, Thats what took me so long ,I was doing reasearch,  Just because z and e work better, I thing they really reqire 5 volts, the boards were working fine.I had them on old desk tops, minimum requirements, on crashed I figured the other would too. I'm going to buy calyspo msm probably for the probing funtions.
The bummer is I bought these from a cnc board dealer, I got a deal on 2 olds micro servers, without pci cards, so I wasnt really prepaired, I fiigured That a pci printer card would work, at least from them, I told them what I had, a 4 axis tb6560 isnt a rare board,and as long as hes been in business, he out to have some kind of capatabilty chart, I didnt mind footing the extra 10 bucks a board, but he out to know that those are low voltage if he selling them, From the post ive read now, That causes a lot of wasted time for a cheap board, hell ,find out what a guy needs , if I needed a 5 volt card, why sell me a 3 volt ca? serdll me a 5 volt card, and have a driver that he know works..I was supposed to measure the voltage between the step and dir?I'll check between a ground, pin 18-25 are grounds? ok I just checked, I get the same, I guess z and e will work on lower voltage, i'll put this computer on the other board,and see what happens

General Mach Discussion / Re: driver for moschip 9865 , Pleeeeze !
« on: June 11, 2012, 07:44:55 PM »
I'll check the pins now,Thanks

General Mach Discussion / driver for moschip 9865 , Pleeeeze !
« on: June 11, 2012, 06:45:09 PM »
Could some one please send me a driver they know will work for this pci card?, ive been on it for a long time,, got 2 axis working with one driver, now i'm back to one, ive uninstalled, reran programs ect, no luck, what a waste of time, I have heard guys got them working, figured they would work some how... my email is  dan@lockingoilplug.com, Thanks,Dan

Ok, I manually took the card out, I think that windows assighned title and windows driver, because I left the card in and did a complete new installation, It was beeing identified as a windows pci, and ther was 2,I deleted all the pci, rebooted, then stuck the card back in followed those instructions and it is now identified as a moschip pc1 card, the assigned card that wasnt there is gone now, I was able to install the driver I had,and was able to assight lpt 1 to the card,( before I could not, even after unistalling the other supposed card)
so now I guess i'm going to start at ports and pins for the 3rd day. I just got the computer, Its old but good, I didnt know it had 2 hds in it, all the screwing with the old installs and new installs, the hd was leaking through and I wasnt deleting all the stuff I thought I was, I unplgged it, I only need 1, then I ran the xp install and did every thing fresh, and a fresh mach 3, and now the card in with that drver,I'll reboot and try to do ports and pins. Thanks Hood, is there a systematic approceh so I dont waste a lot of time, are the 1-9, or could they be somthing else?, or a seies of numbers to start?, I have a tb6560 driver board, and 3 6 was working on x and 98 was working on the 4th axis, I  plugged the z motor in there, I got them working a while back, but that was a diferant computer, and differnt config. now i'm in the dark with a lathe and mill to set up,Thanks,Dan

( news flash) I think I found the instructions of hoe to find tthe driver on moschip  " pci connectivity", though I would keep some from answering what I just found out, still don know how to install and where to find that info,Thanks) Nope that didnt work, crap, I guess I'll call then on monday, unless I could get some help..I tried to search the moschip site for a whqldriver, xp 32 bit drive 9865, I must not be searching right, I tried to search this site but must not be doing that correctly iether,  Windows is assighning drivers for this new pci card, I'm probably going to have to figure out how to delete the windows drivers, it wont let me assighn a differt driver, Its at lpt 2 and I checked the lpt 2 box, and put in the correct address. it wont let me reasighn that pci card to port 1 even after I uninstalled the stock driver, and there isnt even a pci card there to install but it keeps installing it at reboot,I read the whql windows 32 bit driver is the one I want at moschip, I cant seem to get there, and I get the usual crap every where else that wants me to install driver detective, or somthing else. looks like I'm going to have to experimint with ports and pins, but I need the correct driver first, I ran a new xp, nothin else, but the new mochip pci card was in there, I guess I'll unplug that and uninstall, then try again.Maybe it will let me install the driver I have, it says windows cannot find a better driver, but I know that driver works a little because I was able to install it before, now with a fresh mach3 install, every thing is differnt.
I'll try to find out how to uninstall all the pci windows drivers and then see if it will let me at least install the moschip driver I have,Thanks,Dan

Thanks, I went to 4cncpc.com, got a 9800 series . Afeter searching for a long time, I have come to the coclusion that most will "work,", but you dont need a 3 ring circus at the driver. Not beeeing able to pull a rational conclusion from the diverse post, I figured they wouldnt be selling it if it dont work.
Probably dont make enough on it to deal with the support woes of people trying to do the impossible, or not do ing the possible.over a $ board.
they recomend a windows driver, most post dont.But they were old posts, so maybe the buggs out. Most post recomend the smallist driver file possible from the netmos site, I'll try that first.
on my way to mach 3 blis with a dedicated server and a clean install, and the correct driver for the parralel port card, Please tell me it's possible....Thanks for the reply, Shortdog

Could some one tell me a good pci card and driver with mach 3?, I'm running xp ,I picked up an old server and need to add a parralell port card, some say a bascic driver is better, any one got one for a net mos? Thanks

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