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Thanks for your reply.
Ok i understand it.
Best for you

Thanks Hood,
No,i don't get  more speed with the other program.

Thanks Hood,
Sorry for my late reply...

I can solve the problem, your are right, well  i check Sherline 1/2 pulse mode and check dirlow Active and StepLowative....and finaly i can solve tuning motors :D, they move very good, slowly (16 ipm) but good.
Thank you very much.

Now, what can i do to move the motors fast?....like 50 imp, I increase the voltage of the source of the motors a 50% but this creates heat in the motors when they are lengthy.....another some other suggestion????

Thank you for your answer,

My friend, see this web page: http://www.cenece.com/cenececontrol.htm
I use some like it, see "CONEXIONES". but my supply, stepper motors are diferents (www.pickels.powerhostingusa.com/products/pdf/57BYGH405A.pdf), so, the motors currently move good with kcam....
I think that the frequency of shipment of the pulses is very high and for that reason lose great amount of steps.
the speed of the motor does not matter while itr does not get out of step..
Can i do to solve the problem?

Best for you.

HI, I´M new in this forum, well, i built my own cnc 3 axis, in this moment a try to tuning motors....

The Drivers i am using don't have microstepping, i use Kcam to move it and its works well(slowly but surely), but wen i try to move with Mach3...i can't tuning motors.......  :(

Can i avoid that mach3 use microsteps??, or What can i do to solve the problem??
thank you.....sorry for my poor English.


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