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General Mach Discussion / New User to Mach 3 ....... Help!!
« on: July 04, 2010, 09:15:49 AM »

To set the scene ... I am new to the world of CNC. I have a Zenbot 1216 CNC Machine working with Mach 3 and I use Vectric 2d to create my G code.

The stage I have got to is this .... I have loaded a basic 2d shape from the Vectric software to the mach 3 software. I can see my shape on the screen great. The big issue I have is how to set the table parameters around the image. My cutter keeps running into the full reach on the x and y axis. I know my image is well withing the table size but I am clueless as to how yoy set the table, the cutter relative to the image ... I need to move the cutter to the middle of the image and indeed middle of my table somehow so that the cutter can get around the shape fully.

I know this is basic stuff but sadly it has me confused, nowwhere in any documentation is it explained in basic terms, I would greatly appreciate any help!!

Thank you


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