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Greetings, I am pretty new to the cnc and machinery world,   I picked up a milltronics partner II with the old centronics 4 setup 9x42 table.  I ditched the old centronics equipment and installing the following:

3hp vfd
akz250 usb 4 axis breakout board
3 original dc brushed servos.  (like new)  they have 500cpr a,b,c,z encoders with tach
3 viper 200 servo drives (still have to purchase)

the mill is barely used, original owner made around 8 parts on it and there it sat for years.
im wiring in the spindle brake air solenoid, automatic oiler, and coolant pump.
i am using the encoder z channel for my home positions.

upgrades later will be control pendent,
tool height sensor,
spindle tach wheel,
laser site for homing.
4th axis table

General Mach Discussion / encoder z as axis home
« on: July 07, 2013, 06:28:10 PM »
hi, i picked up a milltronics partner 2.  i am converting it to mach3 setup.  it has a,b,z encoders on all axis. i want to setup the z channel as the home reference.
any ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

hi, i want to convert my milltronics mill to newer controls.

i have 100v 7v/ per 1krpm servos
i have the westamp servo drives

the servos use 10v+- analog innput.  what do i use for a break out board. most use step / dir
or do i need a new servo drive that supports step / dir?


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